Digital Archiving

As a Vision Service Point, we provide comprehensive solutions for electronic archiving and backup of your digital data

We offer the following services for  digital data management:

  • Scanning, indexing and archiving of files, documents and microfilm on various storage media such as WORM, CD-R and MOD.
  • Retrieval and delivery of stored information via the Internet/Intranet, e-mail, fax, or delivery service.
  • Retrieving and providing information from a GoBD-compliant Web archive.
  • Digital archiving through Scan on Demand.
  • Web solutions for access to digitally stored documents and information.
  • Document scanning compliant with all current DIN standards, as well as other international standards.
  • Picturization of documents in various formats such as 16 mm and 35 mm microfilm  and microfiche.
  • COM Computer Output on Microfilm
  • COLD Computer Output to Laser Disc
  • OCR technology for invoice verification.
  • Digital post service

Our team of experienced professionals is happy to advise you on any matters concerning the management of digital data. Our goal is to minimize your storage costs while meeting your access requirements, as well as supporting the flow of information in your company, so digital documents can be accessed anywhere and at anytime.

We offer our customers different ways to access and manage their files and data. On the one hand an Internet portal, which allows you to track the current status of your documents at any time. In addition, a records management software programme is used for retrievals.

Each user receives individual and secure login details which are connected to specified access rights. This means that each user can only see relevant fields. The records management software makes it possible to manage customer-specific information from the electronic archive up to the individual file level. There is also the possibility to set up a Vision web archive, the perfect solution for archiving your documents in accordance to the GoBD standards.

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