Analysis & Implementation

A comprehensive situation analysis is the first step to managing your records

Prior to transferring and handling your records, a personalized information audit is performed and your resources are evaluated. We review the number and age of all files, access requirements, expiry dates as well as costs for transferring and storing records.

A detailed plan for this situation analysis and implementation period ensures that our customers’ business disruptions are kept to a minimum, by which they save face value.

When transferring files we take our customers’ specific requirements regarding sorting, labeling, indexing and cataloging into account. The indexing can be done by our customers or by our trained staff. Our high-quality archive boxes protect all records and documents from environmental influences. All cartons are barcoded and scanned at the various transfer stations. Files are transported using our own vehicles.

We always know where files are located and provide our customers with comprehensive inventory lists.

Files which have reached their expiry date can be disposed of and confidentially destroyed.

JadeAnalysis & Implementation