Various retrievals and delivery options for your files and documents

We ensure that records and documents are retrieved and delivered in the shortest time possible. All file movements are recorded via barcode scans and logged in our records management software, thus we are always informed about any file’s location.

Our customers’ employees receive individual access and management rights in order to prevent unauthorized access. Files and documents can be retrieved via our web portal, e-mail, fax or phone. The documents requested are delivered as single files or entire archive boxes.

Our transportation service in the Berlin-Brandenburg region is safe, reliable and fast. Our staff uses our own fleet to deliver and collect files and documents. Our express service delivers within 2 to 5 hours after requests are received in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. Nationwide we usually deliver within 24 hours.

Our customers can access files, track records movements, query the location of a file and manage various data of a file via our Records Management Software. Our customers always have control of their external archive.